November 26, 2022
  • November 26, 2022

AirPods 3 are the necessary change for a flagship – CVBJ

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The AirPod 3 presented yesterday by Manzana during their event they came to emphasize the importance of this device for the Californian company. After a trajectory of 5 years, these wireless headphones are called to take the witness of the previous ones. Imitated like no other, the AirPods They have become an additional accessory for the user who needs to continue to enjoy the multimedia possibilities of his equipment. What do these headphones now bring?

New features that include AirPods 3

The design is very similar to the previous editions, however the upper has been shortened a bit. As a result, we have iPods that are much more manageable and unobtrusive once they are placed. The arrangement of the speakers allows a much more user-friendly listening, and as in previous editions, They don’t have silicone pads, which is what the Air Pods Pro 2019 do.

Apple works a lot with spatial audio on its devices. This experience will allow the listener to be the center of all listening, offering an entirely different way of listening to our favorite songs. According to Californian engineers, you can isolate yourself completely when you put them on. And is it in addition, the adaptive equalization This is a reality, since the headset adapts perfectly to what you are listening to so that you don’t lose any kind of detail.

Another interesting novelty, these headphones already incorporate protection against sweat and water, a must for those who use them while playing sports. So your new AirPods 3 have IPX4 protection, which is the one indicated for splashing. No, these headphones are not waterproof and will not work if left in the washing machine.

Further improvements to the battery, which is very difficult because the space it occupies inside the helmet is minimal. Apple has succeeded in extending its duration to six hours of reading and four hours of conversation. In addition, five minutes in the charging case will be enough to have an hour of unlimited music.

For those who have their entire ecosystem with Apple, they will be pleased to see that the headphones they will automatically connect to the device you want, without having to disconnect it from one and reconnect it to the other.

How much are they worth and how do I get them?

The price in Spain for these headphones is 199 €, far enough from the nearly 300 AirPods Pro had. There is no doubt that this will be a good strategy and that we could see the same situation as in 2016, when the original AirPods appeared. It was not possible to get any and the waiting list was up to six months late.

They can already be reserved in the Apple website, produce the first deliveries early next week. Apple has once again reinvented its most famous headphones to continue to provide enjoyable experiences for its users.