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Alberta cannabis producer uses local builder for flagship facility

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With recreational cannabis legalization expected later this year, an Alberta-based pot grower is using local technological advances for its planned 70,000-square-foot grow facility.

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The team at Sundial Growers of Olds, about 95 kilometers north of Calgary, have partnered with Alberta-based construction company Modus Structures to design massive modular buildings specifically for growing cannabis.

The units, called Sundial Cannabis Grow Modules, are made from inorganic materials that are resistant to cannabis destroying conditions such as mold and moisture.

Sundial CEO Torsten Kuenzlen said the controlled environment will allow the company to produce “pharmaceutical grade” cannabis that will “have the same effect, every time.”

Render of the interior of one of Sundial’s state-of-the-art custom modular grow rooms. Photo by CNW Group / Sundial Growers

“We started with a traditional construction facility. . . but as we grew we were looking for the possibility of creating an incredibly cohesive growth environment, ”said Kuenzlen. “We wanted to make sure that we could create a form of construction that would have literally identical growing conditions.”

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Forty pods, each 24 by 60 feet, will be shipped from Modus’ facility in Crossfield, about 50 kilometers south of Sundial’s facility in Olds, to create 140 grow chambers capable of producing 100 million grams of dry cannabis.

Kuenzlen said the pods are state of the art but would not reveal the cost of each module or the materials used in their construction, only saying that the pods are ideal “because they don’t let the spores hang on. on walls, ceilings or floors. ”

Sundial plans to have the facility operational by 2019, which will also be able to process more than 30 million grams of cannabis extracts annually.

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Kuenzlen said the company will supply both medical users and the recreational market once the federal government legalizes personal use later this year.

The federal government has said the extracts will not be available for recreational use in the first year of legalization, but Kuenzlen said Sundial plans to bring consumable cannabis products to market once they get the legalization. government approval.

Kuenzlen says the pods have enormous potential for the company to expand its operations beyond Olds’ facilities, adding that the company’s products “will ultimately serve the international market.”

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