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Amity Physical Therapy celebrates 14 years with expansion of Hamden flagship facility • Woodbridge Town News

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Greater New Haven’s most acclaimed physiotherapy practice has just turned fourteen. Founded by Michael Dow MSPT and CEO / Clinical Director, Amity Physical Therapy has three offices, has won numerous awards and recently opened an expanded ‘flagship’ facility in Hamden.

Dow, who received his MSPT degree from the University of the Sacred Heart, started fourteen years ago with the concept of creating and managing the best possible therapeutic practice of its kind. Hamden’s new office is massive in size, including a spectacular mezzanine on the second floor that overlooks the unparalleled ground floor therapeutic equipment spread in the region. The installation can be considered a masterpiece of therapeutic technology.

Dow’s interior design incorporates informal decors and artistic motifs to make patients more comfortable in a relaxed environment during treatment and recovery. No clinical environment here. No white walls or white coats. The entire interior combines comfort and aesthetics for the ultimate in physiotherapy practice.

“Beyond our superior treatment equipment and office amenities, it is the ‘bedside’ manner of our clinicians that has established our reputation. Indeed, healing is both an art and a science. All therapists have extensive experience in a wide range of injuries and persistent physical ailments such as arthritis joint pain and severe orthopedic problems, osteoporosis, muscle tension and postoperative rehabilitation … our mission is to bring every patient back to normal activity without pain as soon as possible. And that includes patients of all ages and levels of physical activity, from pediatrics to geriatrics. “

Dow and his clinical partner, Kyle Branday MSPT, provide hands-on, hour-by-hour supervision of each patient’s progress from initial assessment to final recovery. They refer to their practice as a “gateway” to physical health because they communicate closely with each patient’s primary care physician or orthopedic specialist.

For more information, contact Michael Dow or Kyle Branday at the Woodbridge office, One Bradley Road, 203-389-4593 or visit


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