November 26, 2022
  • November 26, 2022

Bradford car showroom to become ‘flagship and striking installation’

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PLANS to transform a Bradford car showroom into a “striking new flagship facility” for Land Rover have been revealed.

A planning request to expand and renovate the Farnell Land Rover site on Shipley Airedale Road was submitted to Bradford Council this week.

If approved, the plans would create more than 11 additional full-time jobs at the site – which is on one of the busiest roads in the city center and next to the Shell gas station.

Site upgrades will also include space for an additional 15 cars as well as improved pedestrian access and electric vehicle charging points.

The company is on a stretch of road dominated by car showrooms, and demand indicates that in addition to expanding and improving facilities, new surfacing, signage and better layout will make the building more attractive.

The site was originally developed in 1997, and was a VW dealership until it was taken over by Land Rover in 2010.

The planning request, submitted by Vertu Motors, states: “The program aims to modernize and expand the existing facility to create an outstanding new flagship facility for the Land Rover brand.

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“The work includes new coatings and glazing on the main elevations and a complete internal refurbishment, so that the Land Rover brand can be displayed in a space suitable for its use and showcasing the reputation for excellence of the Farnell Land Rover brand. .

“The overall amount of new development is negligible, but the complete facility renovation will improve the existing operation of this site and provide a better experience for customers and employees. ”

The company currently employs 55 full-time and five part-time people.

Under the new plans, the company would employ 66 full-time people, including a new apprentice role, and seven part-time employees.

The app adds: “A significant number of jobs will be created directly as a result of this significant investment from Vertu Motors PLC in the city of Bradford.

“The development of this site is necessary to meet the capabilities and the 2020 corporate vision defined by Jaguar Land Rover.

“By carrying out this project, Vertu Motors not only provides more jobs, but also protects the jobs of its current colleagues for the foreseeable future.

“The project proposes to deliver a very detailed and contemporary building that will enhance the neighborhood. The proposal provides an improved street scene and creates a more welcoming environment for pedestrians and cyclists.

He says the program will be similar to showroom renovations in other cities.

A decision on the request is expected to be made by Bradford council in mid-June.


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