September 21, 2022
  • September 21, 2022

BTC sells flagship facility to McEvoy Mitchell Racing | The mail

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The McEvoy Mitchell Racing team have moved into their brand new training complex and are preparing to start bringing horses to the new base at Ballarat Turf Club. BTC’s flagship facility has been completed, with coaches Tony and Calvin McEvoy ready to start and runners competing outside of Miners Rest. BTC Managing Director Belinda Glass said that despite some delays due to COVID-19, the project has progressed well and the finished product is impressive. “It’s been a long process, but in terms of the finished product it’s a complex and stable design that should work really well and operationally very well,” Glass told The Courier. “This is the biggest development the club has undertaken in recent years, even with all the other stable developments we’ve had.” We didn’t start construction until July 8th. We had nothing above ground until the second week. of July, so to see it now delivered in the first week of January, we are really delighted with the support we have received from all the entrepreneurs that have been involved and the cooperation we have had from McEvoys to see it fulfilled. in a fairly short period of time to build something like this. Glass said the property, which is located across from Matt Cumani’s stables near the entrance to Midas Road racetrack, had more than 70 boxes and 30 day courses with shelters and included two 20-foot walkers. horses, the capacity of two conveyor belts, plenty of tie-down and washing points as well as a two-story building for administration and other needs. Head coach Tony McEvoy said in December that it is was an exciting business venture. “We had the beautiful Kildalton Park in South Australia. We also had Flemington which we absolutely loved, but wanted more,” he told “Since joining the ticket Calvin was very pro and wanted to train more and more in Victoria.” I looked at all the training centers in Victoria and thought Ballarat was the place. where to go. “There are some wonderful tracks and a very vibrant community with a group of young, aggressive and progressive coaches.” I think for Calvin, who will be based at Ballarat, it’s a great platform and there he is. will fit perfectly. “


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