November 26, 2022
  • November 26, 2022

China Self Storage Co. opens flagship facility in Beijing

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China Self Storage Co. Ltd., a Chinese operator based in the northern region of the country, has opened its flagship Tianzhu site in Beijing. The self-storage facility covers 5,000 square meters and offers 950 units of various sizes up to 35 square meters.

The facility caters to residents and local businesses. Customers can reserve space online, over the phone or in person. The location also offers password-protected computer access and an air-conditioned environment.

China Self Storage plans to develop two additional sites in Beijing and is currently prospecting for a site in Shanghai.

The development of self-storage has grown steadily in China over the past decade, especially in urban centers like Hong Kong and Shanghai. Typically, developers convert existing industrial buildings to self-storage facilities due to lack of space for new structures.

As an example, when MiniCo Self Storage entered the Hong Kong market in 2002, there were 11 self-storage facilities. Today there are over 150. With increased competition and greater public awareness, the industry has adapted. People’s expectations for self-storage have changed, said Marilyn Leslie, President of MiniCo Asia Ltd. Service has become more important. They want more than a flimsy piece with questionable security and no service.


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