October 2, 2022
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  • DuraStat® Secures Funding to Reach All Spine Facilities with Flagship Product; Accelerate new products

DuraStat® Secures Funding to Reach All Spine Facilities with Flagship Product; Accelerate new products

By on April 29, 2022 0

In the 43 states where DuraStat is currently in use, feedback from surgeons during the early stages of commercialization has been overwhelmingly positive, indicating that the product will soon become a gold standard instrument serving all spine facilities worldwide. world. “Dural repairs, especially those that are unintended, add significant stress and time to surgery and, when performed less than ideally, can cause post-operative problems. DuraStat not only reduces the time repair, but also alleviates that stress by increasing any surgeon’s ability and confidence to treat those repairs.” mentioned Stephen RyuMD, chair of neurosurgery at the Palo Alto Medical Foundation and assistant professor of neurosurgery and electrical engineering at Stanford University. Dr Ryu added “You hope you don’t need DuraStat, but when you do, you’re glad you have it on your shelf.”

The company plans to leverage its expertise and IP portfolio to launch an additional spine product by the end of 2022 with more to come to market throughout 2023. Applications Beyond of the spine will soon follow.

“We believe there are various incarnations of our core technology that can help address unmet clinical needs across many surgical disciplines; the challenges surgeons face on a daily basis that urgently require simple, cost-effective solutions. This funding round provides the resources we need to realize our vision quickly.” mentioned Adam AzaraCEO of DuraStat.

About DuraStat

DuraStat, LLC is a medical device company with a unique approach to precision suturing that enables rapid, atraumatic tissue approximation by eliminating wrist rotation. DuraStat was invented by Greg AndersonMD and Mark Kurd, MD (Thomas Jefferson University and Rothman Institute) and developed for global scalability with Kevin FoleyMD (Semmes-Murphey) and Alex Lukyanov.

The company recently moved to Austin, TX centralize logistical and training efforts in a location accessible to all regions of the United Stateswhile participating in the growing technology development community in the region.

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