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Flagship Facility Services / Flagship Aviation Services presents a new service program to combat COVID-19 and other viruses in facilities: PUREClean ™

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SAN JOSE, California, April 30, 2020 / PRNewswire / – Flagship Facility Services / Flagship Aviation Services is pleased to present its new PURECleantm service program. PUREClean was developed by Flagship Facility Services experts, drawing on their decades of experience in combating recent pandemics: Ebola, SARS and H1N1.

This program’s four-pronged approach to protecting employees in the workplace and the traveling public at airports is designed to support the full, partial or gradual reopening of businesses and states.

  • Realigns scope of work of installation services to focus on high impact / high impact areas
  • Uses EPA approved disinfectants and high performance equipment while modifying processes to reduce transmission opportunities
  • Educates occupants of facilities on their role in the safety of their workplace
  • Provides an adaptable scope of work and staffing plans that stay aligned with facility operations through any stage of post-COVID-19 recovery

“Protecting the health and safety of all occupants of the facility continues to be our top priority,” said Todd jacobs, President, Concierge and Aviation Services for Flagship. “These types of challenges are not new to us – we have responded to COVID-19 by deploying our four-part program, PUREClean, a flexible approach that allows us to adapt to the needs of our clients at any point in their recovery. “

Whether a facility was fully operational or partially closed during the COVID-19 pandemic, PUREClean provides the roadmap to support employeescontinued health and wellness now and after COVID 19.

“COVID-19 has changed the landscape and the delivery of residential services,” said Dave Pasek, founder and CEO of Flagship. “Flagship has always had a holistic view of our customers’ facilities and the health and safety needs of their employees. PUREClean is an extension of this vision – by innovating in our service delivery so that every facility can enjoy the full confidence of the people who depend on it – whether it’s a Class A campus or a large terminal. international airport. “

Additional information on PUREClean is available at

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