November 26, 2022
  • November 26, 2022

Handwriting Without Tears – Learn Without Tears flagship product

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Handwriting Without Tears The print and digital solution has proven to be an effective program for handwriting fluency.

NEW ORLEANS, June 29, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — At ISTELive 22, the leading education technology conference taking place in New OrleansEarly childhood education leader, Learning Without Tears, today announced that its flagship product, Handwriting Without Tears, has achieved ESSA Level 2 evidence in a study conducted by Johns Hopkins University School of Education Center for Educational Research and Reform. This coveted Level 2 efficiency rating allows schools nationwide to meet ESSA funding requirements for the classroom curriculum.

“With a focus on effective technology in education, ISTE is the right place to share this news. It is gratifying to see that Handwriting Without Tears’ print and digital solution meets the Tier 2 Effectiveness designation. “, explained the CEO of the company. terry neon. “We know from teachers, families and students that Handwriting Without Tears is a highly effective learning program – and now we have additional hard evidence of the prestigious and independent Johns Hopkins University who studied the effectiveness of our comprehensive program. This is very important for schools across the country, as Tier 2 evidence may be a requirement for ESSA funding.”

“Schools are looking for evidence-based research,” said Deborah King, research director at Learning Without Tears. “Teachers want to know what works best, in terms of the effectiveness of curriculum and classroom instruction. The research finding by Johns Hopkins University makes it clear that students who use Handwriting Without Tears will be successful writers and build a strong foundation for future literacy success. The rigor of this study, supported by Johns Hopkins University reputation and independence, means educators can respect the results and should experience similar success when introducing tearless handwriting into their own classrooms. This is not a guess; this is solid data of a very positive outcome.”

ESSA – The Every Student Succeeds Act – is an American law passed in December 2015 which governs U.S. K-12 public education policy. The law replaced its predecessor, the No Child Left Behind Act, and changed provisions relating to student testing and the required efficiency of school materials. With this Tier 2 designation, Handwriting Without Tears is now eligible for ESSA funding.

“Teachers need to make up for lost time in class,” CEO Nealon continued. “Knowing which program has been proven by independent researchers is an essential step in bringing effective learning products to the greatest number of students. With its Level 2 level of evidence, Handwriting Without Tears meets the requirements for effectiveness for schools to access ESSA Teachers can be confident that Handwriting Without Tears will help their students master handwriting, a crucial skill for literacy success.

Handwriting Without Tears is the flagship product of Learning Without Tears.

About Learning Without Tears

Learning Without Tears is a leading early childhood education company that offers a proven and unique approach to teaching and learning, from essential pre-kindergarten readiness skills to basic writing and writing skills. typing, including handwriting, typing and cursive writing. Elementary level programs benefit all learners with multi-sensory, developmentally appropriate and proven practices, and are used by millions of students around the world. Learning Without Tears professional development programs provide early education expertise to thousands of teachers, tutors, and occupational therapists in the United States and around the world.

About Research

Research details will be released in the coming days, but Johns Hopkins University The Center for Research & Reform in Education at the School of Education provided the following summary to explain its findings:

In a study of 804 kindergarten through grade 2 students at 10 elementary schools in two districts, students who used handwriting without tears (HWT) significantly comparison students who did not use HWT, outperformed by handwriting tester Skill. Subgroup analyzes revealed that positive impacts on PDD were found for Grade 1 students and students with declared IEPs. In addition, teachers’ perceptions of the HWT program were positive, with more than 80% of teachers agreeing they would like to use the program again next year.

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