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HR Technology Company Clovers Launches Flagship Product, Offering Objective and Non-partisan Interviews with Candidates | Your money

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NASHVILLE. Tenn. & LOS ANGELES, September 29, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) РClovers (, a human resources technology company leveraging interview information to improve interview and hiring practices, announced today the launch of its flagship product РРTr̬fles.

Clovers is an interview intelligence platform that uses human and conversational intelligence to accelerate recruitment, uncover biases and place the right people in the right roles. Clovers improves the interview journey, making interviews more efficient and inclusive with revolutionary features including interview tips, real-time interviewer feedback, and post-interview coaching to support education and drive change of behavior.

“In today’s market, providing a faster way to bring the right candidates and key information to the hiring manager can make all the difference. Plus, with companies placing more emphasis on diversity, equity and inclusion, we offer a tangible way to deliver quality interviews that are more inclusive, ”said Doug Leonard, CEO of Clovers. “With Clovers, we’re making interviews better for everyone with a human-centric platform designed for the modern way of working.”

Sharon Hunt, Clovers Product Manager, added: “Clovers shines a light on and helps improve the part of the hiring process that was until now a black box: the interview itself. Through this transparency, we help to ensure that interviews are standardized between candidates. This ensures fairness and enriches the decision-making process by allowing the team to re-examine the moments of the interview rather than relying on memory. “

“Clovers can dramatically reduce the number of hours it takes to assess candidates. This creates huge savings for our clients and dramatically improves the candidate experience,” Hunt said.

The Clovers intelligent maintenance platform benefits the entire maintenance process with:

Fair and Consistent Interviews: Clover ensures questions are skill and competency-based by providing industrial and organizational psychology-approved questions and standardized ratings for comment. Improved Hiring Time: Hiring teams will save time and improve collaboration using the Clover Reel. These “Best Of” clips from a candidate’s interview can be easily shared with the team. Software in the Workflow: Clovers integrate seamlessly with an organization’s existing technology – from their applicant tracking systems to calendars and video conferencing software like Zoom, Microsoft and Webex. Better Quality Interviews: Organizations can use live interviews to train employees and uncover biases in the hiring process.

Clovers’ interview intelligence capabilities help respond to the increased focus on Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DE&I) as well as the drastic shift towards remote interviewing. Given that, according to Accenture, U.S. companies lose an estimated $ 1.05 trillion by not being more inclusive, DE&I is expected to remain a key recruiting area going forward. And with online interviews multiplied by more than 10 since 2019, the Clovers platform allows HR teams to quickly adapt to this new standard while providing meaningful feedback.

“When we designed Clovers, we set out to solve important recruiting challenges: reducing time to hire while increasing accuracy, helping hiring managers be more effective in communicating what is special to candidates. about their organization and provide objective and impartial interviews. The Clovers product delivers on each of these promises, delivering meaningful results for customers, ”said Jason Nazar, co-founder and co-president of Clovers.

The launch of Clovers follows a $ 15 million seed fund raising by the tech company HR. The cycle was led by Greycroft and Alpha Edison with participation from Crosslink Capital, Acadian Ventures, Fika Ventures and Act One Ventures.


Clovers ( ) is a smart interview platform that uses human and conversational intelligence to accelerate hiring, reveal biases, and put the right people in the right role, every time. Founded and built by HR technology veterans from Cornerstone and Comparably, and led by a management team with extensive experience in HR technologies, SaaS and products, Clovers is focused on improving interviews for organizations and the candidates.

The company is headquartered in Los Angeles and Nashville.


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