September 21, 2022
  • September 21, 2022

Launch of Huawei’s first flagship in Malaysia in 2022 set for May 19

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The United States banned Huawei in the name of security threats, but the company has always denied it as no evidence was found in the process. However, no one can deny the reach and affordability of Huawei network equipment as it has helped the company to become and remain the largest network equipment manufacturer for years and Huawei could also affect essential services such as 911 in the United States.

Following the U.S. ban, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) announced the removal of all network equipment manufactured by Huawei and ZTE from their home network carriers as well as other carrier services across all industries.

Later, the FCC announced a fund that will help carriers retire and replace network equipment made by Huawei and ZTE as well as other blacklisted network equipment manufacturers. However, the fund was deemed insufficient and FCC had to revise its plan and increase the overall support fund.

As recently, an interesting contribution from Bloomberg suggests that network operators are still struggling to overcome the replacement of Huawei network equipment. The main reason for this chaos has to do with the global fund approved for removal proceedings.

The data suggests that more than 100 telecom providers across the country are connecting the calls of hundreds of thousands of people with network equipment made by Huawei and ZTE. This is quite a big challenge for FCC to cover and address in the latest scenarios.

Carriers are concerned about the relocation of new equipment without adequate funding, which could cause problems in essential services such as 911 or shut down together in key regions of the United States after Huawei equipment is replaced.

The report mentions that companies such as United Wireless Communications, which serves 17 countries in southwest Kansas, choose the services they need to cut if they don’t get enough funds to replace network equipment.

If United Wireless does not get enough of the $173.5 million it is seeking from the FCC, cell phone connectivity at the lake, including 911 service, will be cut off. If the subsidy is too small, the business may have to close.

During their availability, Huawei brought cheap but effective network services for network service providers, which are available worldwide, but US carriers now realize that it will not be easy to leave Huawei’s hands. so easily.

What is 911?

911 lines are designated for emergency calls, such as reporting a crime in progress, reporting a fire, or requesting an ambulance.