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National Storm Recovery Inc. (NSRI) Announces Flagship Facility In Central Florida As Hurricane Season Approaches

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ORLANDO, Fla., May 14, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – via NetworkWire – National Storm Recovery Inc. (NSRI), a provider of tree services, debris hauling, biomass removal and recycling, manufacturing, packaging and sales of next-generation mulch, today announced the grand opening of a new 100-acre facility located in Astatula, Florida. The location is strategically close to one of the most hurricane-affected areas of the United States, giving these hard-hit communities optimal access to relief.

The central Florida location, the sixth in NSRI’s line of production facilities, arrives just in time for hurricane season. With a full line of bagged and bulk mulch products, 100 acres of storage and a tree recycling collection site, the plant is positioned to provide much needed relief to surrounding communities.

“We are excited about this new location and the opportunity it offers to the community as well as to business customers,” said Tony Raynor, CEO of NSRI. “With a rapid zoning approval process, due to a complete lack of opposition to the construction of the plant, the community seems to welcome the presence of the facility and the environmental solutions. “

The construction of the plant is an important step in the long-term strategic plans of the company. The Astatula site will serve as the company’s flagship tree debris collection site as well as the company’s headquarters. NSRI plans to use the property, which is capable of accommodating millions of cubic meters of material, for the collection and storage of storm debris during hurricanes and other storms, which it then intends to process and to recycle into next-generation organic mulch products. In addition, the location of the site as a collection site is ideal and will allow the company’s debris transportation division to achieve significant savings in transportation costs.

NSRI offers environmentally friendly solutions based on sustainability. It continues to work towards its goal of providing solutions for the treatment and handling of tree debris, which was historically destined for landfills and disposal sites. The company’s innovative process collects storm debris and uses it to create a variety of attractive, next-generation organic mulch products highly sought after by retailers, landscapers, installers and garden centers.

A detailed overview of NSRI’s operations and production facilities is available at

About National Storm Recovery, Inc. (NSRI)

National Storm Recovery, Inc. (“NSRI”), through its subsidiaries, provides tree maintenance services, debris transportation and removal, biomass recycling, manufacturing, packaging and the sale of mulch. The company was formed with the aim of providing a solution for the treatment and handling of tree debris that has historically been disposed of in landfills, creating an environmental load and pressure on disposal sites across the country. The solutions of the company and its sustainable green team are grounded in sustainability, based on vertically integrated operations that begin with the collection of tree debris through its tree services division and collection sites, then through its processing division, recycling and using this tree debris as raw material. which is made in a variety of organic, attractive and next generation mulch products that are packaged and sold to landscapers, installers and garden centers. The Company plans to expand its business through a combination of organic growth and strategic acquisitions that are both earnings accretive and positioned for rapid growth through the synergistic opportunities identified. The Company’s customers include government, residential and commercial customers.

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