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Online Trading Academy announces extension of its flagship product, The Supply & Demand Grid

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Online Trading Academy’s flagship product is getting better and better, reflecting OTA’s relentless commitment to investing in its students.

The supply and demand grid incorporates the essence of OTA’s proprietary methodology, called “core strategy”. For several assets and asset classes, the Grid identifies likely pivots in the market called supply and demand areas, both for short-term transactions and longer-term investments, where banks and institutions are likely to turn prices. These areas can be the basis of trading and investment opportunities, for well-trained students who know how to manage risk well.

For many years, for its Mastermind community students, OTA has posted up to 210 zones per day in 35 grid markets, providing huge educational value. The grid is also used as a central service for all practice sessions and instructor-led classes for all OTA students.

A dynamic version of the Grid is now available inside CliK, which is OTA’s integrated education, analysis and trading platform; a first of its kind, revolutionary and award-winning. The dynamic grid inside CliK automatically plots the areas selected by students on their associated price action charts, as a first step in evaluating trading and investment opportunities.

Extension of the network from 35 to 51 markets.

Following on from its relentless commitment to invest in its students, OTA has expanded the grid from 35 markets to 51, with the addition of new futures, Forex and ETF markets. In these 51 markets, the OTA is increasing the number of published zones from 210 to 306 per day.

  • Futures markets Added include three popular markets demanded by OTA Mastermind students, including Platinum, Pound Sterling and Wheat. This addition increases the number of futures markets in the Grid from 18 to now 21 of the most important global markets commonly traded by banks and institutions. Additionally, to keep pace with the futures industry, six Micro Futures markets have been added for assets already covered by the grid, namely Nasdaq, S&P 500, Russell, Dow, gold and the euro. Micro Futures have recently been introduced by the industry to reduce the barrier to investment so that more traders can participate in the futures markets. This evolution of the Grid reflects this, bringing the total Hedged Futures Markets to 27.
  • Foreign exchange markets Added include four popular markets requested by OTA Mastermind students, including US Dollar / Swiss Franc, Australian Dollar / Japanese Yen, Australian Dollar / Canadian Dollar, and Pound Sterling / New Zealand Dollar currency pairs. This addition increases the number of forex markets in the Grid from 6 previously to now 10. This evolution of the Grid complements the six major currency pairs and provides European diversification.
  • The exchange-traded fund markets Added include five aligned with OTA’s Strategic Investor Program and Student Investment Portfolios, including the Dow Jones Industrial Average (DIA), Real Estate Investment Trust (IYR) and 3 Industry ETFs , including the technology sector (XLK), the communications sector (XLC) and the consumer discretionary sector (XLY). The DIA (Dow Jones Industrial Average) complements the U.S. ETFs on the grid, joining the QQQ (Nasdaq), SPY (S&P 500) and IWM (Russell 2000). For our students of the Strategic Investor Program, the IYR ETF (US Real Estate) is one of the most viewed real estate investment trust ETFs and with the addition of the 3 industry sectors (XLK, XLC, XLY), our students learn longer term investment strategies now have a broader and more detailed perspective of the investment landscape. In addition, as part of the evolution of the Grid portfolio, 2 ETF markets were eliminated, consisting of Natural Gas (UNG) and Oil (USO). In total, the ETF markets in the grid have gone from 10 previously to 13.

Grid Services Director Todd Davis said, “The Grid is a flagship product at the heart of our methodology, education and technology, which we always seek to align with industry direction, desires of our students and the monitoring of our portfolio ”

The Grid will continue to evolve over time, especially with its integration into CliK.

Vice President of Education Steve Albin said, “These improvements to the Grid, along with the addition of the Grid to CliK, are a continuation of our continued commitment to invest in our students and to help them develop their skills, develop their skills and develop their self-confidence for trading and investing. “

About the Online Trading Academy:

Online Trading Academy (OTA) is a global leader in financial education for people who want to develop the skills and confidence to trade and invest in the financial markets. OTA’s proprietary, step-by-step basic strategy methodology teaches strategies designed to help traders and investors make smarter decisions aligned with their short and long term financial goals. Students learn from knowledgeable instructors, in an interactive classroom with extensive online educational resources and a next-generation education, analysis and trading platform called CliK. The courses are aimed at individual investors or traders, novice or experienced, who wish to learn to use techniques similar to professional traders on Wall Street. Founded in 1997 at a single location in Irvine, Calif., Online Trading Academy has since expanded to over 40 training centers around the world and has served over 80,000 continuing education students who have rated their satisfaction. 94.4% out of more than 200,000 post-exit surveys. It all starts with a free introductory course.


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