November 26, 2022
  • November 26, 2022 announces the launch of a flagship product via Product Hunt

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[ad_1] announces the launch of its flagship product via Product Hunt. Personal AI is designed to help users protect the thoughts and memories that define them while allowing them to remember everything. The app is reminiscent of all parts of your digital life so you can engage with others more meaningfully without worrying about what you might forget. The AI ​​remembers any information you might have forgotten in meetings, conversations, personal notes, your Twitter feed, and more.

Today’s launch consolidates the progress the team has made since their lightning-quick introduction to TechCrunch Disrupt Battlefield in September 2020. The company also announced a $ 5.9 million funding round earlier this year. with the aim of continuing its work of building the personal intelligence platform. .

The Personal AI App is an AI extension of your mind built from your memories allowing you to remember anything you want. An individual’s AI is trained to their specifications on their oral and written thoughts, as well as on the historical information they synchronize with their existing digital data sources like their Twitter feeds.

This personal memory data, which belongs to Personal AI users, is stored in an area of ​​the application called Memory Stack, secured by blockchain technology, decentralized from their identity and structured in detailed memories that can be recalled on command. . or at the suggestion of the AI.

The goal of this launch on Product Hunt is to gather feedback directly from their community, expand’s footprint in human intelligence, and lay the foundation for the creation of the first human-AI communication network. : a network where their users can connect with the personal AIs of others in order to interact with their virtual consciousness.

The founding team, led by Suman Kanuganti as CEO, is made up of entrepreneurs, technologists, creators and scientists who have their own reasons for starting the company during this crucial period of human right to protection. privacy in the tech industry. Kanuganti, a two-time venture capitalist, AI expert and accessibility champion, said that “as an entrepreneur, “I create to increase and unleash the potential of humans beyond the limits of time and capacity”.

For Dr. Marc Ettlinger, Scientific Director (CSO) and former member of the Google Assistant team who joined the team full-time this year, his interest in creating stems from his belief that artificial intelligence can improve the lives of billions and should be led responsibly around the world.

For Kristie Kaiser, Head of Design, who has dealt with memory loss in her immediate family, her reason is more personal: “As a granddaughter, I create to remember every word of wisdom from my loved ones – and even dementia can’t keep us apart.”

Sharon Zhang, Technical Director (CTO) continues, “As a technologist, I create so that I can create responsible technology that moves the world forward, embracing the principles of original thinking and authentic AI. “

By keeping this path, your personal AI allows you to capture, create and connect by improving:
Memory retention: Capture ambient life through conversational and written thoughts, preserving details in a personal memory stack.

Memory Recall: Today’s AI is designed to remember general knowledge of the world. is designed to be remembered only for the individual.

Memory Sharing: An AI economy enabled by connecting humans and their AIs, interacting without time or capacity limits.

The company will be featured on Product Hunt starting today (November 4) and is offering one year of free access to members who register on their website with the code PRODUCTHUNT.