October 2, 2022
  • October 2, 2022

Pickrr launched Pickrr Predict, considered a flagship feature of the product.

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Pickrr, a SaaS-based logistics startup, has launched another value-added service – Pickrr Predict hailed as a flagship feature of the product. It will provide predictive analytics to sellers as soon as an order is placed on Pickrr, which helps to mitigate the high proportion of risk associated with cash on delivery orders.

According to an industry estimate, there is only a 75% chance that the order will be delivered. There can be several factors that cause COD orders not to be received, such as fraudulent orders, incorrect addresses, unavailability of cash, late deliveries, restricted areas, etc. This leads to huge monetary loss for sellers due to failed delivery and inventory RTO. to treat.

In an effort to neutralize additional vendor losses, Pickrr Predict has been integrated into Pickrr’s all-in-one dashboard. The feature uses collective data and rates the order on 30 parameters, including the customer’s past online transactions, return history, high-stress delivery areas, etc., to calculate the risk percentage and identify the high-risk orders before shipping the order. . With this smart analysis, sellers can determine other processes to cancel, confirm or change the details of any order.

Gaurav Mangla, CEO and co-founder of Pickrr, pointed out that cash on delivery failure has become a significant challenge for businesses. “As an industry leader, we strive to provide solutions to problems that can make a bigger difference within the logistics ecosystem. Pickrr Predict already solves shipping problems for over 5,000 sellers currently using this disruptive service.” He said Pickrr is confident that this flagship feature will help countless sellers generate valuable savings and avoid losses.

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Pickrr has consistently provided a seamless logistics experience for D2C and eCommerce sellers through its AI-powered dashboard. While the platform allows sellers to stay informed about their order fulfillment journey and enjoy faster money transfers with an early COD option, this predictive module will help them avoid failed COD orders by focusing on potential high-risk recipients.