October 2, 2022
  • October 2, 2022

Revuto presents its flagship product

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ZAGREB, Croatia, Aug 16, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – As memberships grow 100% year on year, memberships are sure to be here to stay and be an integral part of everyone’s life. Over the past few years, customer preferences have changed. At Revuto, they see their place in this growing economy to filter the noise signals with their Revuto V2 app that they will launch soon, and provide customers with a clean and enjoyable subscription management experience.

Today, customers are looking for exciting ways to engage with business. They start to follow a brand with a new set of expectations that involve personalized services as a priority.

As the subscription economy dominates the business sector these days, many new trends are evolving. At Revuto, they believe that no one should ever be billed again for subscriptions they no longer want or use, and their main goal is to make that happen.

General on Revuto

Revuto offers a single, clean, intuitive and easily accessible dashboard subscription management service with a mission to save customers time, energy and money by completely redefining the subscription management experience. .

The problem Revuto aims to solve

Understanding consumer psychology, companies take advantage of these biases in consumer behavior to increase revenue by intentionally making it difficult to opt out.

As a result, users easily forget about current subscription fees, find the unsubscribe process difficult to navigate, or fall victim to services that charge their cards indefinitely without notification.

At Revuto, they believe there is a product market clearly suited to their product, primarily protecting consumers from all the unwanted consequences of subscriptions.

How the solution was born

By creating a subscription management solution with immediate real-world applications, rather than targeting a niche audience of existing crypto users, Revuto seeks to bring crypto to the mainstream world.

The goal is to maximize the value of current subscriptions by simplifying the payment process and protecting customers from hidden charges and subscription fees for services they no longer use.

Revuto’s main deliverable is a decentralized mobile app – a single dashboard subscription management solution that helps users control their recurring subscription spending.

Everyone should use Revuto because …

Revuto’s unique app allows users to save money by approving, blocking or repeating subscription fees or other recurring payments as they arise.

Managing a dozen subscriptions shouldn’t take the time of a part-time job, and there’s absolutely no reason why unsubscribing should take more than a click.

Revuto app

Some of the features of the Revuto app:

  • Adding subscriptions
  • Revuto virtual debit card issuance
  • Subscription control (Block, repeat, approve)
  • Top up Revuto virtual debit card (s) with personal debit / credit cards
  • Top up Revuto virtual debit card (s) with REVU tokens
  • Sending and receiving REVU tokens in the REVU wallet
  • Expense analysis
  • Notifications / alerts

Successful token sale

As it seems that a lot of time and effort has gone into creating this remarkable project. But nothing would be possible without the faith and support of a great community they have gathered.

Each REVU token reserved for the Token Sale allocation was sold in record time despite the market disruptions!

Early bird Level 1: less than 30 minutes;

Early bird Level 2: 18 minutes;

Community sale: 42 minutes !!!

$ 10 million was raised in 4 days and Revuto received 1.7 million registrations in 3 weeks.

Revuto App V1 launched

The Revuto mobile app is initially available for early bird registrations i.e. Revuto Referral Program users, as well as REVU Token Sale investors.

The app displays a REVU token balance that reflects the status of users’ tokens from the start – that is, those collected through the old online referral program and purchased during the token sale.

Only existing users of the app (early registrations and token sale investors) can share a referral code and invite new participants to login.

Feature updates will continue through September. After which the application will be fully loaded and users can get acquainted with managing their subscriptions – Blocking, repeating and approving as they see fit, by acquiring and reloading their own Revuto virtual debit cards with REVU tokens, and sending / receiving tokens from their REVU crypto wallet. Spend analysis and notifications / alerts will also be available.

iOS – https://apps.apple.com/us/app/revuto/id1550940719

Android – https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.revuto.dev

Why crypto

At Revuto, they believe crypto is the future of finance, but their interests are also perfectly aligned with the ethics of cypherpunk. Blockchain-based digital assets are designed for transparency, ease of access, and give users full control over their funds, which is the same as what Revuto tries to do with subscriptions.

Cardano is designed as a more evolved and scalable third generation blockchain that combines the properties of the first and evolves to meet the needs of all its users.

Therefore, the Revuto team believe that Cardano will play a leading role in the next digital revolution and therefore deciding to build our decentralized platform on Cardano was hardly a choice, they say.

Revuto Referral Program

The web-based referral program (when they got 1.5 million signups in 14 days) has been shut down and a shiny new program is built into the Revuto app.

This means that only existing users of the app (early registrations and token selling investors) can share a referral code and invite new users to log in. The reward is reduced from 10 to 5 REVU tokens at this time and there are no progress rewards from Revuto Basic user to Revuto Pro user.

Use Revuto to cancel a subscription

Clients can use a long and painful procedure, or they can use Revuto to Block, repeat or approve subscriptions for Netflix, YouTube Premium, Google Workspace, etc. in a second.

Social connections

Facebook: https://facebook.com/revuto

Instagram: https://instagram.com/get_revuto?utm_medium=copy_link

Twitter: https://twitter.com/get_revuto?s=09

Media contact

Company: Revuto

Email: [email protected]

Website # 1: https://crypto.revuto.com/

Website # 2: https://revuto.com/


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