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RingCentral Office: RingCentral’s flagship product

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Part of our RingCentral buying guide.

The world of work is changing. Modern businesses are starting to reap the benefits of mobile and diverse teams, not limited by desk phones, cordsets, and predefined office locations. As work environments continue to evolve, forward-thinking cloud-based companies like RingCentral are leading the way for a more flexible future.

RingCentral’s innovative focus on the cloud and its expertise in “as a service” solutions make it a leader in today’s communications space. The brand offers services ranging from fax to contact center services. The flagship product of RingCentral’s unified communications portfolio is RingCentral Office, an enterprise-grade service that enables employees to communicate on any device or channel, wherever they are.

Features and Benefits

RingCentral office is designed explicitly for businesses that need a communication solution that rejects boundaries. No matter the size of your business or your budget, RingCentral Office is available to unify your communication strategy with unmatched quality, reliability and innovation. Features include:

  • Wide selection of phone numbers available, including free, local, non-geographic and international numbers.
  • Hosted PBX service for easy connections with remote teams.
  • Automatic reception and IVR features to keep callers engaged.
  • User templates for batch customer support
  • Music on hold
  • Directory and dialing extensions by name
  • Single sign-on for security
  • Monitoring and recording of calls
  • Cloud telephony service with one-touch call “RingOut” and “”
  • Call management with call forwarding, answer rules, presence functions, call parking and call reversal
  • Voicemail and personalized greetings
  • Voicemail to Email
  • RingCentral Messaging
  • Collaboration features like HD video, instant messaging, file sharing and audio conferencing
  • Internet Fax
  • Mobility with iOS and Android apps

RingCentral Office is ideal for any business that needs:

  • A global presence with a local touch: Give your business local appeal in any region and make it easier for customers to contact you
  • Cloud flexibility: Built and managed in the cloud, RingCentral Office allows you to evolve and adapt your communication strategy according to the latest trends
  • Call management: Offer the same services to your employees, wherever they are, through a unified cloud telephony system. You can even customize your system to make sure you’re automatically recording and monitoring the right calls
  • Customer engagement: With customizable voicemail and greetings, you can improve the customer experience in your business and ensure that you can quickly access essential business messages.
  • Collaboration: Keep your team members close wherever they are with an easy-to-integrate cloud ecosystem perfect for sharing files, hosting instant messaging conversations, and hosting video conferences. RingCentral mobile apps keep everyone connected on the go

RingCentral Office Integrations

One of the components that makes RingCentral office so attractive to modern businesses is the fact that it integrates well with so many other leading cloud products. RingCentral Office uses an open architecture to ensure that you can integrate the functionality of your UC system into the applications your team needs every day, including:

  • Google
  • Okta
  • Selling power
  • Office
  • Microsoft
  • Archiver
  • Box
  • Zendesk
  • Service now
  • Oracle

Users can add the power of RingCentral Office to their Google and Microsoft software suites to increase their daily productivity. Integrations with RingCentral office mean your employees can make and receive calls without having to switch between apps. They can also schedule conference calls and meetings in the same app.

Integrations with cloud storage services like Box and Dropbox also mean it’s easier for modern teams to access documents, reports, presentations and more when they need it most. They can also add a cover note to a page and fax their files through RingCentral Fax to up to 50 participants at a time.

With the RingCentral Connect platform, businesses can even use the RingCentral family of SDKs and APIs to integrate their RingCentral services into their business workflow.

Target market and regional availability

RingCentral is a global brand with offices around the world. Currently, the brand serves businesses in dozens of different locations including Canada, Portugal, UK, US, Norway, New Zealand, Italy, Netherlands and many more. ‘others.

RingCentral uses the flexibility of the cloud to make its service offerings as accessible as possible. Their simple licensing structure means businesses of all sizes can potentially take advantage of RingCentral. Licenses are available for anywhere between 1 user and hundreds of employees in a UC environment.

How to buy and price

RingCentral sells its products directly through its internal sales team and website. You can start a free trial of RingCentral Office or purchase the system instantly from the RingCentral website. Alternatively, custom RingCentral systems are also available through channel partners and resellers. RingCentral offers three standard licenses for Office users, including:

  • Entry level from £ 7.99 per user, per month
  • Standard from £ 14.99 per user per month
  • Premium from £ 19.99 per user per month
  • Ultimate from £ 24.99 per user per month

RingCentral customers can also request a personalized quote from RingCentral based on the number of users they have and the features they need. A free trial is also available at all levels.

FAQs and final thoughts

RingCentral’s flagship product, “RingCentral Office”, is a multi-site, multi-user service ideal for the modern, highly mobile workforce. For businesses that need to keep their teams connected wherever they are, no matter what device they use, RingCentral Office gives users the freedom to select their preferred device and scale their features as their needs change. .

Question: What can I expect from a RingCentral Office license?

A: Although RingCentral Office features vary depending on the license you choose, all options come with the following free services:

  • Activation of services
  • Number transfer
  • Remote implementation for 2 or more users
  • Demonstrations and training
  • Plan for upgrades
  • Phone, online and chat support

Question: What devices can I use with RingCentral Office?

A: RingCentral offers exceptional reliability and fantastic quality with Cisco and Polycom phones. Cisco and Polycom IP phones are equipped with RingCentral plug & ring plug and ring services, as well as state-of-the-art voice quality.

Question: How does RingCentral Office support workplace mobility?

A: As businesses continue to explore the potential of remote and flexible working, RingCentral Office simplifies mobility. Businesses can take company identities and numbers with them anywhere in the world. Plus, remote workers have access to the same feature sets as their office counterparts, and anyone can collaborate through file sharing, HD video, and instant messaging services.

Have you used RingCentral Office before? Leave your thoughts, opinions and questions in the comments below! We would love to hear from you.


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