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Scottish graphene company launches flagship product in a new face

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Graphene is the much-loved and publicized miracle material set to enable the next generation of cutting-edge technology and Stirling-based outfit, Integrated Graphene are set to launch their first graphene-enhanced product. The launch of their flagship 3D graphene foam electrodes coincides with the company’s rebranding to signal their transition to commercialization of their revolutionary 3D graphene process in their first product, Gii-Sens. The rebranding also marks the transition from an R&D company to a manufacturer of advanced materials.

Integrated Graphene (formerly known as RD Graphene) brings its hypersensitive 3D graphene foam electrodes to the human diagnostic market to enable biosensors with the performance to bring lab testing to the point of need, enabling rapid testing . As a spin-off from their R&D origins, they are able to leverage their experience working with diagnostic manufacturers with a full range of test and device development services. With their new manufacturing process, Integrated Graphene is uniquely positioned to deliver on the promise of graphene in all markets with a product finally ready to meet industry demands, meaning the possibilities are endless. For more information see the IDTechEx report on Graphene, 2D materials and carbon nanotubes: markets, technologies and opportunities 2019-2029.

Today, they hope that this flagship graphene product, launched in conjunction with their new brand Integrated Graphene, will mark the first steps in an ambitious commercial journey that will see them establish themselves as the world’s leading producer of 3D graphene foam. pure. Company co-founders Claus Marquordt and Marco Caffio believe they are ready to capitalize on the overwhelming desire for a market-ready graphene application to enable the next generation of technologies. Speaking about the launch of Gii-Sens, the former made the following comments –

“So far we have been working in academic research, tentatively seeking commercial partnerships while we refine our proposal. But as of today we are launching a limited supply of our electrodes into the market, to ensure an experience as we offer exclusive access to our customer service team, ensuring customers the best experience using Gii-Sens. A large-scale commercial launch is planned for early 2021. Most of the solutions from graphene on the market today is not really graphene, it is a derivative – but our Gii-Sens electrodes are made from pure 3D graphene foam, making it the purest form of graphene available on the market today ‘hui. “

With so many applications on the market, it would be easy to get lost in a sea of ​​opportunity, but Integrated Graphene is focusing on detection and biosensing solutions with its first foray into the market. Advances in manufacturing processes and device integration are propelling developments in biosensors; and according to Frost & Sullivan’s analysis, the global biosensor market is expected to grow at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 12% during the period 2018-2023, growing in revenue of $ 17.7 billion in 2018, to reach $ 31.2 billion by the end of 2023.

Dr Marco Caffio said the following about the growth potential of the organization – “For several years now, people have been searching for the perfect single layer, but 2D graphene offers only a limited surface area and is currently limited to small-scale production. Because our 3D graphene foam can be grown directly on n ‘No matter what substrate, at scale, this opens up many other possibilities for the use of graphene. Areas in which we have recently noticed particularly high interest in our 3D graphene foam, include sensing technologies and energy systems, but almost any industry could take their products to the next level by incorporating graphene. Bringing this first product to market will pave the way for other applications to follow as our partners begin to see the significant performance improvements that can be made. graphene. “

The company is in a hurry to continue its promising ascent after a successful start to life that saw it win over 30 grants for a wide range of applications. In addition to biodetection solutions, Integrated Graphene has also identified supercapacitors as its next target market, which is another lucrative and topical avenue that presents a significant opportunity for future growth. The company will continue to develop its vast potential for its pure 3D graphene foam for new markets and technologies, and there will certainly be no shortage of contenders looking to harness the benefits of enhanced graphene technology.

Integrated graphene at a glance

Integrated Graphene, based in Scotland, is a leading materials supplier who invented, patented and commercialized a revolutionary design for the manufacturing process to produce high performance pure 3D graphene foam, Gii, on any surface , in a few seconds. Integrated Graphene adapts and enhances Gii for specific applications to enable disruptive manufacturers in all industries to access pure 3D graphene foam and develop the products of the future, today, in every market. Human diagnostics is our bridgehead market, partnering with life science organizations to create new point-of-need lab-on-a-chip tests, using proprietary Gii-Sens hardware innovation and in-house concept Integrated Graphene to market IVD microfluidic development services. Integrated Graphene uses the Gii process to produce the world’s first pure graphene supercapacitor, Gii-Cap, to enable fast charging and smart powering for product innovators to meet global green electrification programs in unlimited applications. Integrated Graphene invites you to join us to join the technological breakthrough of the decade.

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