November 26, 2022
  • November 26, 2022

SwabTek ™ Introduces Flagship Product, Go Bag Narcotics Test Kit

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SwabTek is a United States-based manufacturer that produces the world’s only dry reagent detection tests for narcotics and explosives. SwabTek products are currently used by local, state and federal law enforcement and security agencies. The test kits are also used by airports and private companies around the world, as well as by more than 1,000 schools across North America.

For the first time, SwabTek is offering its market-leading narcotics test kits in mixed lots. The recently launched bundles allow customers to select the best offering for their use case, as each offers differences in test quantities and varieties.

The SwabTek Narcotics Go Bag is a 60 test set that comes in a single zippered tactical bag for easy transport. Each Go Bag contains 60 SwabTek tests, including ten each of SwabTek’s fentanyl +, cannabis, amphetamine, cocaine, heroin and general narcotics tests. The Go Bag is a perfect option for departments looking to equip every officer or patrol car with SwabTek detection technologies and allows testing on the go. Bags can be restocked with custom refills to ensure each Go Bag is stocked with the exact variety of tests required by each agent.

The SwabTek Mixed Narcotics Test Kit allows customers to purchase all four of SwabTek’s traditional narcotics test kits in one unit. The Mixed Narcotics Test Pack is a 40-unit kit that consists of ten tests for cannabis, amphetamine, cocaine and heroin from SwabTek. This set is ideal for small police departments, high schools, and businesses that may encounter a variety of narcotics on site or in the field.

Each of the new SwabTek product sets are available for purchase online now at, and offline by contacting a member of the SwabTek team at [email protected]. Learn more about SwabTek at and follow the mark on LinkedIn, @swab_tek on Twitter, @swabtek on Instagram, and on Facebook for more updates.

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