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TB12, a revolutionary model for personalized training, opens flagship facility in Back Bay, Boston

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BOSTON, March 8, 2019 / PRNewswire / – TB12, the performance lifestyle brand founded by Tom brady, will open a flagship facility in the Back Bay of Boston in the summer of 2019, supporting the brand’s mission to transform global health by empowering athletes around the world to do what they love better and for longer. The new TB12 center will be located at 699 Boylston Street, a short walk from the finish line of the Boston Marathon. The facility is TB12’s second physical location, joining the original TB12 center at Patriot Place in Foxboro, MA.

TB12 advocates holistic approach to overall health and athletic performance, inspired by six-time Super Bowl champion Tom Brady’s approach to preparation, performance and recovery. At all TB12 centers, clients receive personalized services from TB12 Body Coaches, incorporating cutting-edge concepts in muscle flexibility, hydration, nutrition, functional strength and conditioning, and cognitive health, thereby helping to prevent injuries and promote athletic longevity. In the Boston facility, TB12 will complement these services with all-new small-group fitness classes that incorporate elements of Tom Brady’s own functional strength and conditioning program.

“Bringing TB12 to the heart of Boston is a stage of transformation for our company ”, declared John burns, CEO of TB12. “We are excited to bring our approach to a new group of athletes of all ages and skill levels. In addition to the robust growth we are experiencing in our e-commerce business, this location marks an important milestone in our plans to nationally expand our training center business. ”

The TB12 Boston will include:

  • All-new small-group fitness classes focused on optimizing form, maximizing performance and preventing injury
  • Individual sessions with TB12 body coaches to assess functional movements, rehabilitation injuries, perform flexibility treatments and develop complete and personalized programs
  • State-of-the-art fitness services and equipment, including metabolic testing, anti-gravity treadmills, and optical systems for gait and one-sided jump analysis
  • VIP customer services, corporate wellness events and a series of conferences to extend the reach of the TB12 philosophy for health and wellness in the Boston community
  • Full luxury locker and shower facilities
  • An interactive retail experience with the full line of functional TB12 products and exclusive TB12 apparel and gear that are only available in Boston
  • A TB12 smoothie bar serving healthy, high protein smoothies with fresh ingredients and pure TB12 vegetable protein

The new TB12 center will bring the TB12 approach to the city that has supported Tom brady for nearly two decades as a quarterback for the New England Patriots. The 10,000-square-foot, two-story facility will begin accepting appointments in June.

About TB12:

TB12 transforms global health and wellness by enabling athletes to prevent injury, improve longevity and increase peak performance. Inspired by the training method of the 3-time NFL MVP and the 6-time Super Bowl-winning quarterback Tom brady, TB12 offers personalized and comprehensive programming to a global audience. TB12 incorporates revolutionary concepts in deep strength muscle flexibility work, hydration, nutrition, functional strength and conditioning, and cognitive health. TB12 supports athletes through an omnichannel approach that integrates physical locations, immersive digital experiences and innovative functional products. Information on TB12 products and services is available at To keep up with the latest news from TB12, please follow TB12 on Facebook ( and Instagram (

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