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Terraformer launches a new flagship product for the Terra ecosystem – CryptoMode

By on March 25, 2022 0

March 18, 2022 — Terraformer, which aims to be the global powerhouse of the Terra ecosystem, providing the toolkit for DeFi transactions, launched the first trading aggregator on Terra, its most important product for the platform. It is a full-featured routing trading aggregator, part of ‘Phase I’ of its product line, which also includes aggregated data and analysis tool, and database of Terro IDO statistics, with the ultimate goal of creating a great dApp aggregator for Terra that will solve some of the biggest problems for users.

Terra currently does not have such an aggregated DEX, resulting in three main DEXs that effectively fragment its liquidity pools. This presents challenges to users trying to find the best rate for their token exchange and can lead to unnecessary arbitrage situations. Terraformer wants to free the entire Terra ecosystem from this inefficiency once and for all. With an aggregated DEX designed to route to all major DEXs, users will save time and money, while the Terra ecosystem attracts more user traffic and trading volume.

It should be noted that Terraformer will not necessarily compete with existing DEXs, as it will channel much of its volume to the respective DEXs that provide liquidity. That said, Terraformer also creates its own liquidity pools for certain token pairs on its native AMM and builds yield mechanics as it sees fit.

New aggregated data and analytics from Terraformer and the soon to be released Terra IDO statistics database will serve a dual purpose. Both are designed to increase transparency and help users with their transactions, but they will also work as a funnel for visitors using Terraformer’s products.

These new products are great additions to Terraformer’s existing launchpad service, which offers a hub for early-stage Terra startups to boost their growth organically while growing their initial token supplies and communities, and provides them with the resources they need to achieve their vision. This includes helping projects find a route to funding, usually via IDO with a diverse set of models to choose from such as auctions, fixed rate swaps or LBPs.

Building on the success of these new launches, Terraformer will also look into rolling out the next phase, which will introduce the first-ever NFT aggregator to the Terra network, coming in Q2.

About Terraformer

Launched in September 2021, Terraformer has quickly positioned itself to grow on the Terra blockchain. Offering an innovative suite of DeFi and NFT tools, Terraformer also attracts a dedicated and engaged user base through its commitment to providing information transparency and capital efficiency. Terraformer has yet to release its own native tokens in the coming months, with a versatile set of utilities. Terraformer is dedicated to building the Terra blockchain and aspires to be the global powerhouse of the Terra ecosystem.

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