October 2, 2022
  • October 2, 2022

XCarnival flagship XBroker passes Certik

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MELBOURNE, Australia, August 18, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – Certik, one of the leading blockchain security audit companies, announcement that XCarnival’s main product, XBroker, has passed the Certik security audit.

XCarnival is a synthetic asset aggregator for DeFi and XBroker, XCarnival’s first product, is a platform that allows users to use their NFTs as collateral to take out loans on DeFi. XBroker’s security audit was conducted with the aim of identifying any underlying vulnerabilities that could threaten the security of user assets.

Certik performed a comprehensive review of XBroker. A combination of static analysis and manual examination techniques was used in this process. Certik scanned XBroker’s code base using a manual line-by-line review process followed by an assessment to ensure the code conforms to all current industry standards and best practices. .

Certik also assessed whether the logic of the contract meets all of XCarnival’s specifications and intentions. XBroker’s smart contracts have been tested against common and rare attack vectors and their structure and implementation have been benchmarked against industry leaders.

After the audit, Certik certified that there were no vulnerability issues with the XBroker source code. However, smart contract protocols had two major vulnerabilities and two medium vulnerabilities. One of the major and minor vulnerabilities has been fixed and the rest have been recognized. Four minor issues were also identified later, three of which were resolved and one was recognized. Certik has also identified three informational vulnerabilities with XBroker.

Overall, XBroker got a score of 94% by Certik experts along with suggestions and recommendations that will improve the protocol.

XCarnival CEO Leon Liu said, “The safety audit shows that we are on the right track with the development of our products. It also helped us mitigate some major vulnerabilities and made XBroker even better. Our technical team is working on the recommendations made by Certik and we will continue to increase our overall security levels and ensure the security of user assets. “

XCarnival is also working to reduce the level of centralization of its product.

About XCarnival: XCarnival is a synthetic asset aggregator for DeFi that tracks an all-collateral currency, bringing on-chain exposure to both crypto and non-crypto assets. It provides users with financial products that allow them to create their own synthetic assets. Through its core product XBroker, XCarnival allows users to borrow money with their NFTs with a simple pledge, eliminating the need to sell them. XCarnival is also building an ecosystem of products like Megabox and XArena that aim to free up liquidity in the market and enable users to turn their ideas into synthetic assets to make money.

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