October 2, 2022
  • October 2, 2022

Zoho sees the number of customers doubling on its flagship product, Zoho One

By on September 14, 2019 0

Chennai-based SaaS (software as a service) company Zoho said its flagship operating system, Zoho One, has seen its number of customers more than double in the past 18 months.

Since the company announced the launch of Zoho One in July 2017, the operating system has had 20,000 customers and in doing so has taken on giants in the SaaS (Software as a Service) space like Freshworks and Salesforce.

“Not only have we seen the number of customers increase by more than 100% during this period, but we have also started to see a 33% drop in customer churn,” said Rajendran Dandapani, director of the technology from Zoho, speaking to CNBC-TV18.com.

On Thursday, Zoho unveiled new features for its Zoho One platform, including a new automation app, single sign-on functionality, and added blockchain capabilities. He also announced the launch of Orchestly, which the company says is a tool to improve workplace efficiency.

In 2017, Zoho launched its unified technology platform, Zoho One, to provide a platform for all of its apps. The company has since reported that 25% of its customers use more than 25 apps on the platform, while 50% of its total customers have used 16 or more apps, allowing the SaaS player to leverage the advantage. of all apps. in one place, which Zoho One boasts of.

Another perk that Zoho One has boasted of since its launch is its aggressive pricing of Rs 1,500 per employee and Rs 3,000 per user: a pricing model that the company’s founder and CEO, Sridhar Vembu, told CNBC-TV18, guaranteeing his company was ‘ahead of the curve’ due to its ‘aggressive pricing’, in February.

Vembu had also expressed hope that competitors in the SaaS space would lower enterprise software prices, to compete with Zoho’s competitive pricing.

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